Register for AAA’s Regional Meeting at University of Iowa

In-person AAA Regional Meetings have been on hold the last two years, but now they’re back. The University of Iowa Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is hosting the next Regional Meeting, October 7-8.

The theme is “Anatomy Across Scales: From Molecules to Organisms,” which is meant to reflect the breadth and depth of the anatomical sciences, according to Martine Dunnwald, co-organizer of the meeting and research associate professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Iowa.

“AAA has multiple aspects of its membership and multiple interests,” Dunnwald said. “We always think of anatomy as the person in a white coat doing dissection on a cadaver, and that’s not really necessarily everybody.”

By keeping the Regional Meeting focused on all aspects of the anatomical sciences, the Regional Meeting Planning Committee hopes to attract not only researchers from all fields, but especially, the next generation of scientists who maybe don’t realize that membership in AAA is beneficial to them. “Anatomy is pervasive in science overall. Anatomy is really going from the smallest creature to humans. If you do biology, at some point you are going to do anatomical sciences,” Dunnwald said.

So far, there are six presentations scheduled with an additional 10 that will be drawn from abstracts. To be considered for an oral presentation, abstracts must be submitted by September 6. Poster-only abstracts from those who do not wish to make an oral presentation should be submitted by September 19. Pre-registration for the Regional Meeting ends September 28.

Learn more and register.

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