Meet the AAA Interns!

AAA Headquarters has hired two new interns and we are so excited to have them on the team!

Learn more about them below:

Christopher Ortiz

Meet Christopher Ortiz

Hello, my name is Christopher Ortiz; my pronouns are he/him. I am a male 22 years old. I was born & raised in the United States, as my parents are from Bolivia. I am currently attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County, as I am a senior and currently enrolled in my last semester. I will be graduating in Fall 2022. I am majoring in Graphic Design, and my career goals are to land a job after I graduate, such as working for a UI company. Not to mention to have this as my side hustle of opening up my online e-commerce shop where I will sell mymerchandise (T-shirts, Caps, Hoodies, Joggers, Jackets, etc.)
My hobbies/ interests are that I love to create vector cartoon illustrations of celebrities; I am also a huge music fan. The types of genres that I listen to are hip-hop and Latino music. What
do I hope to get out of this internship? I hope to get much more knowledge/ experience from this internship, such as knowing what it feels like to work for a company. In addition, I can use this experience and apply it to other companies I may work for in the future.

Maya Thurston

Meet Maya Thurston

Maya is a senior at Howard University studying TV and Film Production. Maya is a multi-hyphened creative that wishes to tell stories through a variety of visual mediums.  She has always had an eye creating art from her days as a Culinary Arts student in high school throughout her time orchestrating social media campaigns for beauty brands at Tiktok.  She has the privilege of serving as the executive producer of a popular campus Youtube channel – YardTalk, Spotlight Network. Her production experience began as a team member of WHBC 96.3 in 2020, as a script writer for radio drops.  Her experience is not limited to production and social media strategy, and she will continue to pursue more creative outlooks throughout her career.  

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