Making and Breaking CNS Barriers: Meninges Arachnoid Barrier in Development and Disease

Join us on October 6, 2022 for a free webinar on the interplay between the central nervous system (CNS) and its vital support structures, the meninges and the brain vasculature. This event features Dr. Julie Siegenthaler, Associate Professor at the Department of Pediatrics Section of Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado Anshutz Medical Campus.

The meninges surround the brain and spinal cord providing a protective covering. However, the meninges are also an important source of developmental cues that regulate neuronal migration, cell positioning and neurogenesis. CNS disease and injury are frequently accompanied by breakdown of the meninges and vascular instability, and recently the Siegenthaler laboratory generated a single cell transcriptome atlas of the embryonic mouse meninges. This together with ongoing work has opened the door to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying vascular and meningeal barrier instability in disease, specifically ischemic stroke, viral encephalitis and bacterial meningitis. 

This webinar is free and open access for both members and nonmembers.

Learn more and register here.

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