Nature Announces Special Issue on Racism, Thanks Guest Editors

Nature—the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal—has published a special issue addressing the legacy of racism in science. “For centuries, science has built a legacy of excluding people of colour and those from other historically marginalized groups from the scientific enterprise. This legacy extends to research used to underpin discriminatory thinking, and outputs that ignore and further disadvantage marginalized people. Nature has had a role in creating this racist legacy,” according to an October 19 editorial column.

 It’s also the first time in the journal’s history that an issue has been guest edited. Melissa Nobles, Chad Womack, Ambroise Wonkam and Elizabeth Wathuti are currently working with Nature as guest editors to guide the creation of several special issues of the journal dedicated to racism in science. 

Last year, AAA published a groundbreaking special issue of the journal The Anatomical Record to “proactively addressing the complex, painful, and sometimes unethical history of the anatomy discipline.” 

Read the October special issue of Nature.

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