AAA Internship Program Update

AAA Interns Maya Thurston and Christopher Ortiz have been hard at work.

Graphic design intern Chris Ortiz, who is currently a senior getting ready to graduate with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus has created numerous marketing pieces for AAA. His projects have included designing postcards promoting the Anatomy Scholars Program and turning the artwork from The Anatomical Record’s Croctober Special Issue into a poster.

“My thoughts on the intern experience at AAA have been delightful, and I appreciate AAA for taking me into account and embarking on this journey with them,” says Chris. “I have been able to learn and gain so much more experience. I can apply these experiences to future positions I may encounter throughout my graphic design career.”

Chris Ortiz

Communications Intern Maya Thurston, a senior at Howard University studying TV and Film Production, has worked on a wide range of projects during her time at AAA. In addition to writing social media posts and assembling newsletter emails, Maya has also interviewed and written profiles on leaders of the AAA committees and created a communications calendar.

“While my time at AAA is coming to a close,” says Maya, “I reflect on my intern experience. This opportunity has allowed me to hone in on my copywriting skills and gain knowledge about what it takes to work on a team in a fast paced in-person environment. It has been great working under Joanna Kotloski and the rest of the AAA staff.” 

Maya Thurston

Currently, Chris and Maya are working together on a video project promoting AAA’s first stand-alone meeting, Anatomy Connected 2023.

“We have been connecting back and forth as a team to ensure we produce the best Annual Meeting video so that our followers of AAA can get an excellent feel of what to expect in this upcoming Annual Meeting for 2023,” explains Chris.

Between juggling classes and managing school projects, the interns join staff onsite in the Rockville, MD office once a week.

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