Proposed Change to AAA Bylaws

A proposed change to the American Association for Anatomy bylaws will be on the ballot in the upcoming election.

Founded in 1888, the AAA, formerly known as the American Association of Anatomists, has served the members of the anatomical sciences community for 134 years. However, as the anatomical sciences landscape changes, we must adapt as an association as well.

The breadth of the anatomical sciences has grown over the decades with new discoveries and the development of new technologies. In keeping with the evolution of the field, in 2019, the AAA changed its name to the American Association for Anatomy. The name change underscores that anatomy is a foundational science used by practitioners and researchers across a multitude of scientific and medical specialties.

To continue the effort to further AAA’s inclusivity, board has proposed a bylaws change that would allow the board to establish new membership categories. Likewise, all members and entities (such as businesses) interested in participating with AAA would be considered for membership so long as they meet the criteria set forth in the bylaws.

Establishing new categories for membership would allow for AAA to grow and serve not just those who work in academia, but all those who use anatomy in their daily lives.

Read the proposed bylaws change here.

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