American Association For Anatomy Announces Innovation Grants

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 12, 2023 – The American Association for Anatomy (AAA) has funded Innovation Grants for two programs: Anatomy Nights and The Anato-Bee. This year’s awards totaled $75,000.

Anatomy Nights was founded in 2018; it is an event format that brings the fundamental practice of dissection (non-human) into the public sphere and ensures that anatomists are involved in public engagement presentations about the human body in casual spaces such as bars and pubs. Since its inception, Anatomy Nights has reached venues around the world including Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the USA.

The grant announced today will provide funding for an AAA Anatomy Nights library of public engagement resources that can be used by educators to deliver premier anatomical educational events across the globe.

Anatomy Nights organizers are AAA members Janet Philp, Jason Organ and Kat Sanders.

Funding was also provided for the Anato-Bee, a planned anatomical sciences competition for high school students in the United States. This educational competition would be modeled after the extremely successful, International Brain Bee competitions.

The proposed Anato-Bee will provide a spelling-bee style anatomical sciences competition for all interested students with no costs associated with participation. After hosting the inaugural Anato-Bee competition, the organizers anticipate establishing relationships with faculty and graduate students across the country that will be committed to hosting future competitions and providing financial support for host institutions, awardees, and travel scholarships for under-represented students.

Anato-Bee organizers are Jenna Hagerty, Norbert Myslinski, and Dana Peterson, and Mary Piscura.

“We’re proud of funding these exciting initiatives that will educate the public about the field of anatomy and the anatomical sciences,” said Valerie DeLeon, Ph.D, president of AAA. “These projects will inspire and educate young people and introduce them to our very exciting and dynamic profession.”

About the American Association for Anatomy

The American Association for Anatomy is an international membership organization of biomedical researchers and educators specializing in the structural foundation of health and disease. AAA connects anatomists, neuroscientists, developmental biologists, biological anthropologists, cell biologists, physical therapists, and others to advance the anatomical sciences through research, education, and professional development.

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